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Farm Society "KolkhozNIK"

KolhozNIK LLC was established in 2012. The main activity of the company is the production and sale of food products, and since 2016 - an environmentally friendly egg.
In November 2016, we launched a new farm with a capacity of 50,000 heads on the basis of the Spanish highly automated ARUAS line. The line corresponds to the highest modern standards of poultry farming, including European ecological standards. The place for the construction of the poultry farm was selected on one of our own agricultural land plots in an ecologically clean area of ​​the Tver region of the Russian Federation.
The capacity of the poultry house is designed to produce up to 44 thousand fresh chicken eggs daily. The hens is contained in spacious cells, in a well ventilated rooms. All poultry keeping processes associated with feeding, drinking, dropping litter, lighting, ventilation and collecting eggs are automated and computer controlled.
The modern egg-sizing machine and our small production volumes allow us to react quickly to the customer's needs by labeling and packaging the egg in a proprietary package of 6, 10, 30 pcs. under the trademarks "Dietetic", "Rural", "Table". The customer is invited to label the egg under his trademark with an individual design of high-quality packaging in accordance with its packaging requirements. We do not seek to increase the volumes and quantity of production, we are focusing on the quality of the Egg produced by us.

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